Monday, November 27, 2017

Purple Camo, Piggy, and Random Uniform Duckies

Name: Purple Camo, Piggy and Random Uniform Duckies
Interests: Watching Peppa Pig and Coco (what a tear jerker)
Where to Find: Claw machine in the Westshore Cineplex Odeon
Brand: Rinco
Price: $15.00 but this really works out to $15/24 items = 62.5 cents each

The claw rules and ruins lives.

For $15.00 of claw game fun, we received a great haul for our money. We managed to grab onto 2 stuffed animals, 11 rubber duckies, and 11 Minions. This was with our entire family taking turns which consisted of a 36 year old, 35 year old, 6 year old, 4 year old and 2 year old. We could see that all the adults were having just as much fun as the kids were trying to line up the claws to grab certain duckies. We were trying hard to get a pink pirate rubber ducky with a pink heart eye mask, but she was too close to the edge and it was hard to knock her down. Alicia also managed to almost get the heart eye emoji pillow numerous times, but it kept slipping through. A little boy did offer to give her one but she declined. She was quite happy when she scored the kitty cat stuffy though. I had a blue number 3 ducky, but he bounced out on the plexi-glass rim before he made it into the shoot.

Random Uniform Ducky is quite interesting in his orange and black referee shirt but then he also has a white sailor or maybe police cap on and a tie. Maybe he an officer with a safety vest? There is nothing quite like a ducky in uniform. There was a green one in the machine too. I have some mini camo duckies but this my first purple camo ducky.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Franky and Witchy Duckies

NameFranky and Witchy Duckies
Interests: Watching the Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead
Where to Find: My aunt gave them to me and found them at a thrift store
Brand: Unsure Says May 2013 on the bottom
Slogan: With all the emojis taking over Halloween, us ducks need to stick together.
Price: A gift

Alicia decorated the pumpkins behind them

Franky and Witchy weigh in with a special interview: Has Halloween become Christmasized?

Witchy: "I love Halloween, the candy and dressing up and walking for hours getting tons of candy and chatting to your neighbours,"

Franky: "Me too. I always stay out the longest with my son and his friends."

Witchy: "However, Halloween is slowly becoming too Christmastized. I mean there are Halloween wreaths that you hang on your door, ornaments for black trees, and chocolate Halloween count down calendars."

Franky: "It is a great money making scheme for stores selling these items. I even saw this year that Save On Foods was selling Gingerbread haunted houses"

Witchy:  "Outrageous. That is taking it too far!" 

Franky: "November 1st is a great time to shop for decorations for next year. Start planning your Christmas. I mean Halloween party now. Perhaps, you should draw names for gifts too."

Witchy: "Or go sit on the devil's lap and tell him you've been good."

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Tennis Ducky from Accent Inns

Name: Tennis Ducky
Interests: Watching her favourite TV show Masha and the Bear, jogging and lifting weights to keep in shape for Tennis season
Where to Find: Accent Inns, Kelowna
Brand: Ad-Line Ind., Inc. (Feb 2017)
Price: Free when staying at the hotel

Tennis with her other 10 friends.

Welcome to the newest Accent Inn ducky fresh off the ferry all the way from Kelowna! Tennis ducky is professional player. She has played with Serena Williams. She takes her advice from Masha from Masha and the Bear. If she falls behind in a match, she uses Masha's screaming technique to startle her opponent into missing the hit. She is also friends with Ace.

I'm thankful that my father-in-law gets to stay at Accent Inns for work and there is always a new ducky available. I would love to blog about all the Accents Inns duckies, so if you have any you would like to donate please keep me posted. I am looking for the ducky with the curlers in her hair and she is holding a coffee cup too. 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Volleyball Ducky from Accent Inns

Name: Volleyball Ducky
Interests: Volleyball and more volleyball
Where to Find: Accent Inns, Kamloops
Brand: Ad-Line Ind., Inc. (March 2017)
Price: Free when staying at Accent Inns

Check out the fun key card messages.

It's always fun to stay at an Accent Inns hotel. The customer service is superb. In the breakfast room, there were a few ducks up high on the wall. I saw one Volleyball ducky and asked if I could have it. The manager said yes. It completely made my ducky day. This is my 9th Accent Inns ducky.

While on the road, Volleyball Ducky knows the importance of sleep before a big game. Therefore, she always chooses Accent Inns for their comfy beds.

So comfy.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Golden Girl Ducky

Name: Golden Girl Ducky
Interests: Tubing down rivers and waterslides and cliff jumping
Where to find: Bath and Body Works
Brand: Bath and Body Works
Price: $3.50

Golden Girl Ducky is a dare devil. She loves jumping off cliffs into lakes. For example, Horseshoe Lake in Jasper and she loves riding in tubes down rivers and waterfalls. She has been down the Cowichan River and the Red Deer river and many others.

You get the most air if you ride in the back

Monday, August 7, 2017

Pilot Ducky from Accent Inns

Name: Pilot Ducky
Interests: Travel and meeting new people
Where to find: Accent Inns, Kamloops
Brand:  Ad-Line Ind., Inc.
Price: Free with a stay at the Accent Inns

It’s always a bit sad when vacation time comes to an end. However,  spending our last night of vacation at my first Accent Inns hotel in Kamloops definitely cheered me up. I was super excited to experience the ducky hotel. Pilot Ducky will hold an extra special place in my heart since he was the ducky waiting in our room for us. We also received motorcycle ducky as well. I was really hoping to get the ducky with the curlers in her hair and the coffee cup, so if you happen to have her and our willing to part with her, I am happy to trade.

This ducky has a slightly larger head than most of my other Accent Inns duckies. This is my 8th Accent Inns ducky. I really want the entire collection and want to blog the entire collection.

It’s too bad our stay was under such smokey conditions with all the forest fires, but we still enjoyed the outdoor pool and so did Pilot Ducky.

Get flying

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Merduck Goddess of the Sea Ducky

Name: Merduck Goddess of the Sea Ducky
Interests: Pearl dodge ball
Where to Find: The Plaid Giraffe on Whyte Avenue
Brand: Rubba Ducks
Price: $18.00 Cdn
Hatched: April 03
Icon on her bum: Sea horse
Slogan for the picture:

This ducky has been on my list for a while, so my daughter and I were both super excited when we spotted it today. I love that so many trendy stores on Whyte Avenue have Rubba ducks again. I checked in Mars and Venus for rubber ducks today and they had a great selection of Celebriducks.

Merduck has a clam shell, starfish and a sand dollar in her hair. It’s too bad that starfish are so rare these days because we used to see them in the ocean all the time and now it’s so rare that I see them.

Save the Starfish

Poem on her tag:

“Sorry Charley,
Tuna’s not for me -
I do all my fishin’
Up on the beach.

Legend or myth?
Can’t U see -
this enchanting beauty
is looking for a man

with two webbed feet.”