Saturday, October 8, 2016

Lanco Love Ducky

Name: Love Ducky
Interests: Eating Dungesscrab at Crabfest
Where to Find: Odyssey Books in Port Angeles
Brand: LancĂ´, Rich Frog
Price: $7.99 US

Love Ducky loves cooking and eating Dungess crab. It's her favourite type of seafood. When she isn't eating crab she shares her heart in other ways by giving us free hugs. Her "Puss in boots eyes can cheer up any shopper.

She makes a great stress ball and gives off quite the squeak.

Lanco Love Ducky

Name: Love Ducky
Interests: Eating crab at crabfest.
Where to Find: Odyssesy books
Brand: Lanco, a Rich Frog
Price: $7.99 US

Monday, May 23, 2016

Willow Beach Ducky

Name: Willow Beach Ducky
Interests: Twirling my sun umbrella and skimboarding
Where to Find: Accent Inns, Richmond, BC
Brand: Unknown

“Can you twirl your umbrella?”

Last summer while my father-in-law was travelling for work, he stayed at his first Accent Inns. He was very excited to acquire a ducky that I don’t have. This isn’t an easy feat since I have 973 unique rubber duckies. However, we were both very excited when I was able to add this ducky to my collection.

Willow Beach Ducky is great at skimboarding. She always remembers to wear her hat to the beach. She’s also pretty good at holding her own in a game of Tennis.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Elizabeth's 1st Birthday Duckies

Name: Elizabeth’s 1st Birthday Duckies
Interests: Baking and decorating all kinds of desserts
Where to Find:
Brand: Oriental Trading Company
Price: $0.75 including shipping

Sprinkles make the cupcake.

My second daughter is 1 today! She loves rubber duckies, so we had a princess rubber ducky party for her. She was born at home in a relaxing birth pool at 2:33 AM. Every time she feels sad I bring her in my office and she points and smiles at the hundreds of rubber ducks lining my shelves. I used rubber duckies as party favours for my first daughter’s first 4 birthday parties and my son’s first birthday party. These duckies were are Elizabeth's party favours.

The tastiest looking cupcake ducky is the chocolate ducky on the far right. His vanilla friend also has a cherry on her head. The pink and purple ducks are at the party to help decorate and are really just along for the ride. The purple ducky is going in my daughter’s time capsule.

Monday, May 16, 2016

News Reporter Ducky

Name: News Reporter Ducky
Interests: Jumping logs at the beach
Where to Find: Accent Inns, Victoria, BC
Brand: Unknown
Price: Free when staying at the hotel

“Reporting live from a log”

Last year my husband acquired this Accent Inn rubber ducky for me. I was very excited to receive my second Accent Inn rubber ducky.

News Reporter ducky is striving to be anchor one day but for now he reports the weather. HIs favorite beach is the Esquimalt Lagoon. His nickname for the beach is Driftwood. When he isn’t reporting the weather and tide charts from a log, he enjoys teasing the geese and seagulls. He enjoys fresh clams and finding sea glass.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sidecar Ducky

Name: Sidecar Ducky
Interests: Driving and Dallas Road
Where to Find: Accent Inns (However, this guy came from the Thrift store)
Brand: Unknown
Price: Free when staying at the hotel (I paid $1.00)

“Can you tilt your sidecar?”

Sidecar Ducky is number 899 in my ducky collection. My parents found this ducky for me at a Thrift store in Victoria. I immediately researched Accent Inns and was very excited to learn that this hotel is in Victoria! I love the idea of hotels, restaurants, airlines or any business giving out rubber duckies. Could there be a cuter or friendlier way to represent your brand?

Sidecar Ducky owns a 2013 Ural Patrol. He is an expert at tilting it. The sidecar is equipped with a seatbelt (that he installed himself) for his ducklings. When he isn’t enjoying the scenic drive along Dallas Road, he can be found planning a motorcycle camping trip or his VIGL trip this August.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Tomahawk Ducky

Name: Tomahawk Ducky
Interests: Posing with totem poles, swimming in the restaurant pond and being admired by restaurant guests.
Where to Find: Tomahawk Barbecue 1550 Philip Ave, in Vancouver, BC
Brand: Unknown
Price: $5.00 Cdn each

“Keep Smiling” as it says on the side of the ducky.

Every time we are in Vancouver visiting family, we try to do at least one tourist activity. This weekend my husband found a restaurant that sells rubber ducks. They have a duck pond with “donated ducks” too. I really wanted to have some of these ducks donated to my collection. I saw a few Harrods ducks. I didn’t know Harrods has ducks. I went to this store in England in 2009 but I didn’t see any ducks. I’ve heard of hotels giving out ducks when you stay with them but this was the first restaurant that I have visited that sells rubber ducks. I wonder if ducks are catching on in the airline business. If you fly first class with Lufthansa airlines you receive a rubber ducky.

Tomahawk Ducky is number 898 in my collection. The pattern on her vest looks like part of a map and some parts are shaped like dinosaurs. She has two black feathers in her head piece.

Tomahawk Barbecue has good diner style food - nothing spectacular. It was neat that they have a hamburger with a hot dog on it. I had the steak and mushroom pie which was delicious. Their brunch looked popular and the restaurant is kid friendly.