Monday, June 19, 2017

Colourful Poop Emoji Duckies

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Emoji Duckies

Name: Emoji Duckies
Where to Find: Claw machine in Westshore Cineplex Odeon
Price: $1.00 each or less depending on how good you are at the claw game.
Slogan: Don’t be afraid to show your true feelings.

Alicia is a natural at the ducky claw game. We spent $13.00 and received 22 duckies and 4 stuffed animals. She perfectly grasped the heart eyed ducky and we managed to move some other duckies out of the way, so we could collect a total of 5 different Emoji duckies. It looks like there is a set of 6, so we are only missing the purple winking emoji ducky. Anyone want to trade? I have lots of the poop emoji duckies (the full set).

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Poop Emoji Ducky

Name: Poop Emoji Ducky
Interests: playing jokes on people and educating people about proper poop posture
Where to find: Arcade at Cineplex Odeon on the Westshore
Brand: Peeps
Price: $1.00 or less depending on how many you receive in one try,

From text messaging to instant messenger to Facebook comments, emojis have become the communication norm. They are now available as pillows, purses and the face of beach balls to perhaps the most exciting of all - as a rubber ducky.

Earlier this month, I received a text message for a friend asking if I was home and then telling me to look outside at my lamp. Tucked into my lamp was the one and only Poop Emoji rubber ducky! Of course now I need to collect them all. Since I wasn't very successful with the claw ducky game in Washington, I think I will need to hire my husband to play and win me some ducks. We have been meaning to go and see Guardians of the Galaxy forever, so when we go we will play the ducky game.

He is friends with the wanna be poop lookalike Peeps Birdie.

Because everyone poops.

Poop posture is a real thing and made a big diference when I was pregnant. Link to squatter potty.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Peeps Birdie

NamePeeps Birdie

Interests: Being squished, chocolate coated and sparkled up.
Where to find: Peeps store, 150 National Plaza, Oxon Hill, MD 20745
Brand: Peeps
Price: $1.99 US 

So this isn’t a rubber ducky, but it is a rubber peeps. It’s a bath toy that is the same colour and size as a rubber ducky. However, its shape doesn’t really fit the mold of a rubber ducky’s. It has a bit of a tail and a similar head with no beak, but the way a peep is shaped makes it look like a pile of emoji poop.

I tired a peep for the first time and it was definitely a melt in your mouth gooey marshmallow mess. I’ve heard that they are fun to microwave, so I will experiment with that when I am back home again. 

This peeps loves Ben and Jerry’s Truffle Kerffule

and hanging out in George Washington’s hat on the American Way.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Star and Moon Duckies

Name: Star and Moon Duckies
Interests: Shopping for Steve Madden shoes, meeting their friends in Walmart.
Where to find: Toys R Us Outlet at Tanger mall,Walmart
Brand: infantino
Price: $1.99 US

When my parents were on the Oregon coast last May, they found these infantino ducks for me. Before that I had the plain blue, green, yellow and pink from our Walmart in Canada, but Walmart in the US has more of these ducks and in many different patterns. I love that each Walmart tends to have different ducks. I am still hoping to pop into a Walmart in Maryland to see if I can find a few more.

Star and Moon Duckies love shopping for shoes at Steve Madden. They are bargain shoppers. They also love hanging out with their friends at Walmart and watching their friends put a smile on kids’ or adults’ faces (each time they are purchased.

Funky Shoes

Sunday, May 7, 2017

National Harbor Ducky

Name: National Harbor Ducky
Interests: Techncial Writing and organizing translations.
Where to find: America National Harbor, 177 Waterfront Street
Price: $5.95 US

My twin is Washington D.C. ducky. Sometimes they ride the Capitol Wheel together and wait for people to spot their differences. National Harbor Ducky costs more than his twin. His favourite memorial is the Lincoln Memorial. National Harbor ducky is a  technical writer and manages translation for his team.

He has been on the following ferris wheels: the London Eye, High Roller, Star of Nanchang, Singapore Flyer, and the Meleborne Star. Next on his list are the Eurowheel in Italy and the Sky Wheel in Taiwan.

Lincoln's hat is the best.

The Gaylord National Resort has a great hot tub 
with a waterfall sprayer.

Colorful Reflections

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Speckled Easter Egg Duckies

Name: Speckled Easter Egg Duckies
Interests: Decorating Easter eggs that look exactly like us.
Where to find: Michael's
Price: $5.00 CDN (or use a 50 % off coupon so the cost is only $2.50 each)

Nothing says Easter like rubber duckies and rubber duckies dressed up as the Easter Bunny. Almost every Easter, I find more Easter duckies. This year Michael's has these Speckled Easter Egg Duckies. This year we are in Kauai for Easter and I heard the Easter bunny is bringing grass skirts and coconut tops, so the kids can put on their own hula show. Happy Easter everyone!