Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Batman Ducky

Name: Batman Ducky
Interests: Watching BatDad.
Where to Find: Zydeco Gifts in Victoria
Brand: Paladone Products and DC Comics
Price: $11.98 (purchased in 2017)

Quote from the box: “Soak in Safety with the Batman Bath Ducky”

No matter what your interest, I guarantee there is a ducky out there for you. Take, for example, Batman Ducky. Who doesn’t like superheros? I love that this duck still looks like a rubber ducky thanks to the perfect shape wings and beak. If superheros really don't do it for you, there are baseball or hockey ducks or any other sport or interest you could ever imagine. Even bowling.

The box advertise taking this ducky in the tub, but I have to advise against this because there is a hole in the bottom, so he will take on water and mold will get inside him (and you won’t be able to see it through him because he is the same colour as mould). Therefore, this ducky could potentially turn a safe bath into a dangerous mould squirting bath.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Old School Airplane Pilot Ducky

Name: Old School Airplane Pilot Ducky
Interests: Flying Private jets.
Where to Find: VarageSale
Brand: No idea
Price: $0.83 
Fisher Price Toys are built to last

Old School Airplane Ducky is the only ducky I own that can swivel his head. He doesn’t have any holes, so I don’t have to worry about mould. He has scrubby spikes on the bottom of him. My daughter suggested he could be a nail brush, but I think he makes a better massager. His hat, goggles and distinguished beak are great too.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Heart Messages Ducky and Mini Vday Duckies

Name: Heart Messages Ducky and Mini Vday Duckies
Interests: Being messengers and helping hook up duckies who need a date.
Where to Find: Michaels at Uptown for the big ducky and Michaels Millstream for the mini ducks
Brand: Creatology
Price: $5.00 and $5.00 for 8 mini ducks

Because nothing says I love you like a rubber ducky.

It’s so exciting that Michaels has had ducks for Valentine’s Day for the past 3 years now. Each year, a new colour is added for the mini ducks. This year the pink is magenta and last year it was a pale pink. This year the duckies have wider bodies and smaller eyes.

Heart Messages Ducky 10 hearts on her and here is what all of her messages say:

  • MWAH!
  • Luv Ya x 2
  • I heart you.
  • BFF! X 2
  • Besties
  • Adorbz
  • #Squad
  • Sweet

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Canadian Lumberjack Duckies

Name: Canadian Lumberjack Duckies
Interests: White Water Rafting
Where to Find: Zydeco Gifts in Victoria
Brand: Oriental Trading Company
Price: $2.98 Each

Lemon William Cypress Tree

I loved watching the cartoon log driver's waltz as a kid. These Duckies work at logging trees up mountains in BC. They enjoy watching off road motorcyclists borrowing the logging roads.They also love camping and being in the forest. The first guy at the very top has a beard. The second guy in the red plaid is holding an axe. The guy at the very bottom is holding a saw.

Friday, December 22, 2017

One Bulb Brighter and Christmas Lights Ducky

Name: One Bulb Brighter and Christmas Lights Ducky
Interests: Detangling lights and doing puzzles
Where to Find: Zydeco Gifts
Brand: Oriental Trading Company
Price: $2.00

Take it one bulb at a time.

It’s so annoying when there is one bulb on the strand that won’t light. The best way to fix this issue is to wrap the lights around your entire body and wiggle each one until it is fixed. Nowadays, the trick is no longer to just replace one bulb and then hope that all the others work. Typically, if one bulb goes in the LED strand then you are just hooped. As we experienced this year, only half of one of our strands of lights lit up.

Thanks to my neighbour Christina for Christmas Lights Ducky (green ducky on the right with the start on his head). I happened to already have One Bulb Brighter Ducky with the Santa hat. They are both great friends with Strung out Ducky.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Mr. and Mrs. Claus Duckies

Name: Mr. and Mrs. Claus Duckies
Interests: Watching All I want for Christmas with Mariah Carey (such a cute cartoon)
Where to Find: Zydeco Gifts
Brand: Oriental Trading Company
Price: $2.00 each

We love stocking hangers (Warning: Stocking hangers are an extreme hazard. I've always wanted them, but as soon as there was a stoking hanging on one of them, my 4 year old pulled the entire thing down and it landed on my 6-year old's foot. Therefore, if you have kids, don't really hang your stockings on them or your stocking hangers will become know as the "concussion maker.")

Mr. and Mrs. Claus duckies are all ready for the holidays. However, they really look forward to January. It’s the only month of the year that they take off and just veg at the beach drinking margaritas and soaking up the sun.

I love how every year my Santa ducky collection grows. Every year I place all my Christmas rubber duckies on our Christmas tree. I have my neighbour to thank for these duckies too (different neighbour from the Aloha Ducky). Thanks Christina. I have the best neighbours.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Aloha Ducky

Name: Aloha Ducky
Interests: Snorkelling
Where to Find: Ka’napali Beach Hotel, (west shore of Maui)
Brand: Assurance
Price: Perhaps free at the hotel? My neighbour gave him to me.

Island Life is Best

I spent a fun morning at Alicia's school making pancakes for her class. When I came home, I had a surprise on my door step. A rubber ducky from Maui! There were also 3 colouring contest sheets from the Expedia cruise centre. Did one of my neighbours go to Hawaii or is this customer appreciation from when we took a trip with Expedia in 2014? I am thinking it has to be from someone we know. The mystery remains. (Update: It turns out that the ducky is from our neighbour. I found this out by quizzing another neighbour.)

Aloha Ducky has been in the hotel and travel industry for quite some time. She makes her own leis and is always ready to snorkel. When she isn’t at the front desk of the Ka’napali Beach Hotel, she can be found giving guided snorkelling tours.

While she is enjoying her stay on Vancouver Island, she is finding that the water requires a wet suit and a lot of getting used to.